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Why Choose Us

happy-clientsSAVE ON CONTRACTING provides its clients with both. We know what to look for and the correct questions to ask. More importantly, we listen.

We work for you and with you to ensure that your investment provides you with a “job well done,” at a price you can afford. This is achieved by dedication of time to the Customer, reviewing all aspects of budgeting and cost analysis.

Every so often the best plans can be faced with City bylaw requirements. Save On Contracting Rep. has successfully negotiated, on behalf of its clients, numerous relaxations with their respective ruling municipalities. This, quite simply, is part of the service we provide –should the problem arise.

We have on staff, and more importantly at our Customers’ disposal, an Interior Design advisor, providing experienced conceptual insight on everything from renovations to shopping facilities.

We provide our Customers with Architectural Engineering planning (if required). We are also available to meet and consult with our Customers’ choice of Architects and or Engineers.

We provide the same working schedule that is provided to our Site Supervisor. That way you can see for yourself what’s being done, how long it should take and when it will be completed by.

result. . . an impressive proposal that more accurately reflects our clients’ needs, within a budget that satisfies those needs.

We also finance each phase of your project with our own funds and you only pay us after we have completed each phase successfully and after we have passed inspections by the city, when and where necessary. This way you are not worried advancing your funds before completion of your project.

Ultimately, we provide these services to achieve, and deliver, Quality Workmanship under Quality Controlled supervision for our Customers’ convenience, and peace of mind.

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